One Hit Wonder – 50ml – 0mg
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One Hit Wonder – 50ml – 0mg


Blended Flavors:

  • The Man has arrived in 50ml short fill bottles. The flavour was previously known as the Milk Man and is a dessert based e-liquid which contains the flavours of Strawberry and creamy milk. This One Hit Wonder original grew in popularity and sparks the uprising of this now well known brand..
  • Rocket Man shoots you over the moon into a crater filled with tart Greek yogurt, fresh blueberries and roasted granola. Sweet and subtle on the inhale, followed by a cool and refined exhale. Elton John must love this juice! Hit the ignition and sit back.
  • Muffin Man knows what you like – a bite of fresh, oven-hot muffin in the morning! Start the day right and you may find yourself still tucking into this sweet apple and cinnamon vape come tea time.
  • Magic Man lives up to his name – you just won’t believe the way he’s managed to capture the taste of a whole handful of your favourite sweets. Think sweet watermelon and mixed candy rolled and squashed into juicy gum drops. That really is magic!
  • Mini Muffin Man tags along with his big brother Muffin, but don’t underestimate him just because he’s young! This little devil will soon have you eating out of his hand – and today strawberries are on the menu. Plump, juicy, red strawberries sunk into golden fresh baked muffins. Tear one open today!
  • Island Man loves a holiday vape on his private island. He spends a few hours gathering a big bowl of tropical fruits like kiwi, watermelon and strawberry then pounds them together with his favourite mixing stick. After a workout like that it’s off to the sunbed and some of those sweet clouds.
  • My Man is the most laid laid back of the lot. Sometimes he barely moves at all! This guy is like a slice of Neapolitan ice-cream – hitting you with chocolate, tickling you with strawberry, before dunking you headfirst into creamy vanilla! All you’ll have chance to say is ‘My Man…’ as you kick back licking your lips.
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Product Description

One Hit Wonder E-Liquid is raising Industry bench mark to a new level by containing only the best ingredients including TruNic 100% USA Grown AND Extracted Liquid Nicotine. Moreover, it has the most affordable pricing, for the highest quality liquid, which makes One Hit Wonder the smartest decision you will ever make.

There are 7 expertly blended flavors in a huge variety of strengths including zero nicotine that encapsulate everything that is enjoyable about vaping. One Hit Wonder took the world by storm with the release of Muffin Man since then, come a long way and have now launched an additional 7 flavors The Man, Rocket Man, My Man, Mini Muffin Man, Magic Man, and Island Man.

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Mini Muffin Man, Magic Man, Muffin Man, My Man, Rocket Man, The Man, Island Man


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