Nasty Juice Shortfill 50ml – 0mg
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Nasty Juice Shortfill 50ml – 0mg


  • Blend Flavors:
  • Slow Blow e-liquid is perhaps the most complex in the Nasty Juice range, it has a sweet pineapple flavour note that is present throughout, with a citrus taste thanks to the lime flavour. It’s all topped off with a hint of soda and low mint for an icy finishing note. This ejuice tastes like a tropical slushie drink.
  • Green Ape e-liquid is full of an intense apple flavour, as the name suggests it tastes very much like a green apple, but with a hint of bubblegum. When vaped there’s an added wave of menthol thanks to the low mint flavour. Overall, a very sweet and icy ejuice.
  • Trap Queen e-liquid has a strong taste of perhaps one of the most popular flavours in vaping, strawberry flavour. This is a very distinct strawberry that is sweet and quite smooth. With the addition of low mint you get a cool, yet fruity taste.
  • Cush Man e-liquid will hit you with a wave of tropical mango flavour from your first inhale, this is a very sweet fruit flavour, that has a slightly tart aftertaste. The added low mint adds a menthol twist to balance things out.
  • ASAP Grape e-liquid is a balanced blend of ripe-tasting black grape suffused with mixed summer berries and an icy finish. The grape is most dominant when vaping, but the menthol and berry flavours add a sweet and cooling end to the juice.
  • Wicked Haze e-liquid is a popular beverage flavour – with the ripe tasting blackcurrant and lemonade flavour, you’ll find a tangy and tart fruit taste throughout. Then with the low mint you get a cooling menthol taste to tie everything together.
  • Devil Teeth e-liquid has a rising flavour of melon that dominates while vaping, it has a taste much like a honeydew melon – this is offset by the low mint flavour which adds an icy note to this ejuice.
  • Fat Boy e-liquid has a strong citrus twang to it. Through inhale you’ll taste sweet mangoflavour, which mingles with a tangy lime; then low mint flavour for a cooling taste. This tastes very similar to a mango slushie.
  • Bad Blood e-liquid has a heavy blackcurrant flavour and smell, this is combined with two types of mint flavour – low mint offer a cooling taste, whereas the normal mint flavour aids the blackcurrant in tasting sweeter.
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Product Description

Nasty Juice is based in Malaysia. Its products have had an undeniable impact on the vaping industry providing customers with a superior range of products and the finest possible quality. 

Nasty Juice has been a 21st century obnoxious e-juice brand, with passion at its heart. Offering an empowered sense of X-rated and a playfully daring spirit. They exploded onto the vape scene in September 2015 at the Vapex International Malaysia 2015 with a goal of creating a global vulgar business. The popularity of Nasty Juice continued to grow exponentially in UAE, USA, irmingham, Poland and Paris.

There are 3 expertly blended flavors in a huge variety of strengths including zero nicotine that encapsulate everything that is enjoyable about vaping.

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Wicked Haze, Slow Bow, Fat Boy, Devil Teeth, Bad Blood, ASAP Grape, Trap Queen, Green Ape, Cush Man


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